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New album out now!
The Bullet & The Screw

With a new release of his 5th full-length album The Bullet and the Screw, Farley returns to the simplicity of his roots. Now set for streaming, CD,  and vinyl, The Bullet and the Screw demonstrates a rawness and refreshing innocence rarely found in modern music. Produced by Farley and recording engineer Ethan Swett, the album reveals Farley’s sparse and haunting vision through elegant, piano-led ballads, mellow acoustic guitar melodies, and crisp, candid vocal lines. “I learned so much from playing live, and I wanted to recreate that energy. I’m trying to capture each song as a performance.” The album is laced with striking moments of electric guitar-  debut single “She Brings Me Love,” meandering piano and gently swelling strings frame a portrait of modern love, told through a shifting series of interconnected metaphors: She brings me the ocean/Well she’s high tide/And moonlight.

Farley also has a new band in the works; Band of Goats, more info coming soon.

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