C  A  R  Y   F  A  R  L  E  Y  -  A musician unlike traditional melodic rock musicians. Farley’s music resonates with a mixture of alternative and contemporary overtones that are soft and subtle with an underlying edginess. Farley’s music can be better described as thought provoking, a mental massage and falls under the category of "captivating" . Along with his music repertoire, onstage ease, and witty presence, he is backed by musicians; Demian Meng, Joanne Wright, Paul Relvas, and Tim Metz, who have helped Farley gain momentum year after year and build a following of dedicated fans. Farley teamed up with producer, Scott Reams, on his latest self titled album that released in November 2016.  Tracks from the new album have been featured on radio stations including "Every Love Song", and "Hiding From Me". With more new material, Farley is back in the studio recording a follow up album dedicated to his father who recently passed away. Farley resides in northern California with his girlfriend, Kristi and plans on releasing his next album titled, "The Bullet and The Screw" in the spring of 2020. Preparation and organization is underway for his annual Mustard Seed Benefit show, as well as other live performances-Dates TBA.